Freight Forwarding Services

We represent import and export corporations, and individuals to organize, hire and have all the air operations executed to ensure the shipment of good in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • We find routes and rates for any part of the world.
  • We carry out a follow up of the flights in real time, from the origin to the destination and the dates of arrival of the shipment.
  • We notify the arrival and departure of freight.
  • We plan the most appropriate route for the shipment, taking into account cost, time and safety.
  • We organize the air transportation for urgent, special or short-living godos, with ranges of cotrolled temperaturas, as it is the case of medicines, vaccines for both humans and animals and farm produce.
  • We prepare the documents, according to customs requirements and phytosanitary authorities, apart from carrying out the documental consolidation and the supervision.
  • We supervise, deconsolidate and charge the freight forwarders.
  • For export services, we rely on our foreign correspondents, who use their network worldwide; and in the same manner we manage transportation with airlines with which we have contractual ties.

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