How can I send a shipment to Cuba using the services of Aerovaradero S.A.?

You must hire a freight forwarding agency or airline having a contract with Aerovaradero for freight transportation, and once the paperwork is finalized you execute payment for your shipment.

Always bear in mind to include the proper information correctly: contact telephone number and address; avoid middlemen and keep the receipts of the payment of your shipment and the operations you carry out.

For more information, check the list of freight forwarders and airlines having contracts with Aerovaradero S.A.

How can I check if my shipment is in Cuba?

You can check your airway bill on page: www.aerovaradero.com.cu or reach out to the phones 7649 7847 and 7648 3100 (Customer Service Department).

Note: In case the cargo has not arrived in the country, you must communicate with the agency or airline you hired for the freight. They will let you know if it has left its facilities, correct your guide of freight number or let you know where it is having a stopover.

How can I check the airway bill on the site: www.aerovaradero.com.cu?

You must introduce your airway bill number having 11 digits. You shall place the first three digits in the left button and the following eight on the next button. In case of the button labeled as Number of shipment, you will place the package number (known as house number).

After filling out the necessary information, click on Check.

How to process a complaint and what documents should be presented?

In case anything happens to your shipment during delivery, you can request the presence of the complaints technician in charge, so that the physical inspection of the cargo is executed. Once the complaint has been verified, the following documents will be requested: ID card, airway bill, purchase and shipment invoice, merchandise shipment and then the paperwork is started.

When can the shipment be picked up?

Once the cargo has been processed and ready for shipment, you will be summoned through the contact numbers you provided in the document so you show up at our facilities to pick it up.

Does Aerovaradero have branches in all provinces?

Our provincial groups are located in Varadero, Camagüey, Villa Clara, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba.

Can I ship my cargo through any airline?

You must hire an airline having a contract with Aerovaradero SA for the shipment of your cargo.

For more information, check the list of airlines having contracts with Aerovaradero S.A.

Can I ship my cargo to any part of the country?

You can only ship it to the provinces where there is an Aerovaradero representation (Varadero, Camagüey, Villa Clara, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba); besides, you should declare one of these airports as a final destination, as long as they match the destinations of the airline.

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